Retired full-time classroom teacher, web designer, editor, publisher and founder of eBooks-UK Ltd, Kate Lesley is the author of How Stephen became Stephanie and other Transgender Tales, a book of classic transgender fantasy fiction short stories published in Kindle format ( and paperback (; available from Amazon websites and good bookshops.

The original illustrated magazines in which the stories first featured can still be downloaded in .pdf format from

Kate Lesley (Amber Goth) transitioned in 2011 and now lives full time in the female gender, which she knew from the age of four was her true gender.  It’s been quite a ride to get there and make the dream come true, but she is living the dream now, so it can happen to you too!

She self-medicated on female hormones for several years (not recommended) before being referred to the Nottingham Gender Identity Clinic so that the hormones and anti-androgens could be properly prescribed and monitored.

Kate had F.F.S. (Facial Feminisation Surgery) in November 2011 with the Facial Team ( – she was delighted with the results.  Thanks to the very skilled and expert maxillo-facial surgeons Dr. Daniel Simon of Sao Paulo, Brazil and Dr. Luis Capitan of Marbella, Spain and the German plastic surgeon, Dr. Kai, (also based in Marbella), she now at last has the face to match her gender, which has given her so much more confidence.

Her thanks also go to Lilia Koss and Ana Gonzales, the Facial Team Patient Care Coordinators, for the kindness, support and advice they gave her during her stay for the surgery in Marbella, and for the months before and after.  Thank you girls, you are the best!

Kate completed her transition in 2015 with GRS (Gender Reasignment Surgery) at the Brighton Nuffield Hospital.  The surgeon who performed the operation was Mr. Phillip Thomas, a fantastic surgeon and an artist who sculpts the most amazing ‘lady bits’ from unpromising clay…

Kate must also mention the wonderful nurses, care assistants, cooks, cleaners and admin staff who made her stay in the Brighton Nuffield Hospital such a pleasant experience.  Thank you, I love you all!

I’m a transgendered biker chick and occasional goth – I like cruiser motorbikes, and have enjoyed owning and riding the following bikes:

Yamaha Dragstar 650 Custom
Yamaha WildStar 1600
Yamaha Virago 1100SE
Suzuki Intruder C800B All-Black Limited Edition

I like peaty single malt scotch whiskies, good wine (or plonk – not fussy); real ale / cask conditioned beer (but have to watch my figure these days); hill and beach walking; islands; campervan holidays; history; thrillers, sci-fi, horror; hanging out in bars.