The 1945-51 Clement Attlee Labour government was the best and greatest we’ve ever had in Britain

Watched Bert & Dickie on Beeb 1 (BBC 1) tonight, set at the time of the 1948 Olympics here in Old Blighty, last time we hosted it. Hadn’t intended to ‘cos I’m sick of all the fuss about the feckin’ Olympics already, not being a sporty type and left-handed and all. But what it was really about was the British class system, still alive and well in 2012, when we are even now ruled by Eaton and Oxford school boys.

And what occurred to me is that the 1945-51 Clement Attlee Labour government was the best and greatest government we’ve ever had. They managed to stage the 1948 Olympics and the 1951 Festival of Britain at a time when the country was bankrupt having just fought the Second World War; and yet the Attlee government somehow managed also to nationalise coal, steel and the railways and launch the National Health Service, greatly improve primary and secondary education and living standards for ordinary people, and lay the foundations of the welfare state which remained in existence until Margaret Thatcher set about systematically dismantling it and destroying the post-war consensus which prevailed through all British governments, both Tory and Labour, until 1979.

And after Thatcher we had Blair (or Thatcher Mk II), who inherited a very prosperous country compared with what Clement Attlee faced, and what did he do? He invented ‘New Labour’, continued squandering North Sea oil, got us involved in pointless and costly foreign wars, ‘liberalised’ the City of London, the banks and the financial sector which led directly to the financial collapse and banking crisis of 2008; the rich got richer, ordinary folk got screwed, and now we are told we can’t afford to allow the elderly dignity in old age, we force them to sell their homes to finance their nursing care, and the young from less well-off families are thrown into decades of debt because they are forced to pay university fees and take out loans to finance their university educations which Blair’s generation got for free! All of which could have been afforded by the country easily if we hadn’t been dragged into expensive foreign wars and if the rich hadn’t been given free rein to get richer while most ordinary folk got poorer.

And we are told by the Eaton and Oxbridge ruling elite to ‘tighten our belts’ and put up with it! It MAKES ME MAD!

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