Facial Feminisation Surgery – Post 1

Hi Girls,

I am writing this and future posts about Facial Feminisation Surgery to reassure those of you who are considering it but are understandably worried and a bit scared about what is involved.  I also felt apprehensive about it, as it is major surgery, but I would like to reassure those that are thinking about it that really, you have nothing to worry about.

I can only speak about my own experience of FFS, which was performed by the Facial Teamwww.facialteam.eu.

The Facial Team are based in Marbella, on the south coast of Spain; or you can go to their clinic in Sao Paulo in Brazil, if you prefer.

I had a brow and orbital reduction performed by Dr. Daniel Simon and Dr. Luis Capitan, who are both experienced and very skilful maxillo-facial surgeons.  I also had rhinoplasty on my nose and liposuction under my chin and on my neck performed by the plastic surgeon Dr. Kai, ably assisted by Louise, Dr. Kai’s lovely theatre nurse (who hails originally from South Yorkshire). Dr. Simon is Brazilian; Dr. Capitan is Spanish; and Dr. Kai is German.  They are all professionally qualified to the highest standands.  So my experience is about these procedures; I can’t comment on other procedures which I didn’t have, such as eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) or facelifts, full or partial.  I think Dr. Kai does perform these surgeries as well, if you are interested.

The main focus of surgery with the Facial Team is facial feminisation – and this is what I wanted, because I want my face to reflect my true gender (female), so that I just look like a normal woman.  I did not want to end up looking like a Barbie Doll or Holywood starlet.  There are clinics that will assume that this is what you want, and will try to convince you that additional surgeries are necessary.  They are not, if facial feminisation is your principle objective.  The Facial Team will do enough to give you a convincingly feminine face, and no more – unless you want it.  This honest approach was one of the things that attracted me to the Facial Team.  I did not find this honesty with a couple of the FFS clinics based in the U.S. and one other FFS clinic in Europe, who I also approached for quotations, and all tried to convince me that I needed procedures such as facelifts and eyelid surgery, which I didn’t want and hadn’t budgeted for.  I can’t name these surgeons and clinics, as I don’t want to get into trouble with them legally, but you will be able to work out who they are, and if you can’t and want to know, then contact me privately.

I think that is enough for my first post about this – more in my next post about my recent stay in Spain for the surgery.

Kate Lesley (Amber Goth), Sunday 13th November 2011.

5 responses to “Facial Feminisation Surgery – Post 1”

  1. Nice to hear that everything appears to have gone well. I’m considering the Facial Team in Spain myself, so I’m keen to hear your reviews.


    1. Hi Amber,

      I’ll be writing more about it in detail over the next few days and weeks. The Facial Team in Marbella are excellent – my experience so far has been very postive. I worried about it, as it is major surgry, but I can honestly say that there is nothing to worry about. I wasn’t in pain at any time during the 10 days of recuperation after the surgery, as they gave me plenty of painkillers and other medication such as antibiotic to make sure that everything progressed smoothly. But I wasn’t in pain; I had a bit of a headache one morning, which I think was more to hving slept heavily and had a niightmare about teaching (I used to be teacher); I took an Ibrufen and it was gone within 10 minutes. Apart from that, no pain!

      The two patient care ladies witth the Facial Team – Lilia and Ana – are really lovely people who were very considerate and looked after me very well. They gave me a Spanish mobie phone so I could text them or phone them at any time, and they they could contact me if they needed to.

      One thing I would recommendis that you have a friend or partner or relative to accompany you, if possible, who can stay with you in the same hotel or appartment – this is particularly important for the first 24 hours after surgery. Having said that, two girls who were also having surgery while I was out there were on their own, and they did okay because Ana and Lilia made sure they were fine and accompanied them back to the hotel, etc, as necessary.

      That’s if for now, more soon.

  2. So very happy for you and the fact every thing seems to have gone well. Both you and Jane have been so brave. Can’t wait to see your new face! There a party on 11 Dec – hopefully you’ll be able to come.
    MAureen T

  3. Hi Kate
    Hop ethat you are well on the way to recovery. When will you be back in Chesterfield? We must get in Touch.
    Maureen T

    1. I’m back darling! x Kate

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