Has anyone else found that taking female hormones and anti-androgens makes you grow what looks like labia on the midpoint line of one’s scrotum?  This has happened to me, and I have seen two female doctors who have never seen anything like it, but agree with me that it really does look like the lips of a vagina growing there.  It’s a long line of skins tags in the shape of the edge of the labia, and they go up into the outline of a vaginal opening in sort of dots on the skin of the scrotum!  Am I actually changing sex spontaneously?  Nothing actually opens there, it’s just the appearance of it.  We took some photos, and you would think it actually was the female pubic parts – the labia – starting to appear on my scrotum!  Weird eh?

If anyone else has heard of this condition, please let me know.  Can taking female hormones have this effect?  It seemed to appear about the same time as I starting wearing Estrodot 50 transdermal patches, as well as taking 2 mg Estofem pills.

Please comment if you know anything about this!