Effects of female hormones on mid-line of scrotum

Has anyone else found that taking female hormones and anti-androgens makes you grow what looks like labia on the midpoint line of one’s scrotum?  This has happened to me, and I have seen two female doctors who have never seen anything like it, but agree with me that it really does look like the lips of a vagina growing there.  It’s a long line of skins tags in the shape of the edge of the labia, and they go up into the outline of a vaginal opening in sort of dots on the skin of the scrotum!  Am I actually changing sex spontaneously?  Nothing actually opens there, it’s just the appearance of it.  We took some photos, and you would think it actually was the female pubic parts – the labia – starting to appear on my scrotum!  Weird eh?

If anyone else has heard of this condition, please let me know.  Can taking female hormones have this effect?  It seemed to appear about the same time as I starting wearing Estrodot 50 transdermal patches, as well as taking 2 mg Estofem pills.

Please comment if you know anything about this!

5 responses to “Effects of female hormones on mid-line of scrotum”

  1. I am glad I ran across this. Now I don’t feel so bad about people thinking I am crazy.

    Yes, this sort of happen to me. I told a few people I know that things were getting kind of looser/gushy down in that spot; that area is just more sensitize and what I called a “virtual vagina.” I don’t want to sound dramatic, but it is as though the body is trying to do its best to form “something” in that spot.

    It is not some psychological, wishful manifestation. I have sort of a labial formation if it can be called that. It is absolutely sensitized and was not like that before using hormones.

    I have been on a low dose regimen for maybe 22 months or so. I started out slow. I cannot fully transistion or get “ahead” of myself. But I have been taking a daily regimen that may vary but is mostly: 1-2 mg Estrace; or estrogel instead of estrace to mix it up for safety. Plus 100 mg Spirolactone (sometimes less, on and occasionally more). also was using Fincar or Dutasteride, but it seems that it can be too much, so I have to back off.

    But there is one more thing I have been doing well over a year. This is another thing that sounded odd to anyone I am sure. I push my testicles into my abdomen and have a way of tying/binding so they stay there when I sleep (and often during the). I do believe this had helped contribute to the extra progress.

    1. Hi Kay,

      Thank you so much for your reply.

      I am glad to hear that someone else has experienced this.

      I noticed the labia of my ‘virtual vagina’ appeared after I had started using Estrodot patches; I had also upped my dose of Estrofem to 4mg per day, and I also take 5 mg of Finasteride.

      Both the lady doctors I spoke to said it wasn’t my imagination – it really did like like labia appearing on the mid-line of my scrotum! I the line then goes up and separates into an oval shape, which looks like the lips of the vagina outlined – almost as if my body is saying ‘cut here’ to the GRS surgeon!

      I don’t take Spironolactone any more – and in fact I had a severe allergic reaction to it earlier this week. I had only taken 25 mg of Spironolactone the night before, then another 25 mg the following morning, and I found I got a really bad rash, that looked like hives, all over my legs and back. I also got a headache, felt giddy and queasy. I felt so bad that I phoned the emergency G.P., who told me to come down immediately. He confirmed I had a severe allergic reaction to Spironolactone, and said I needed a blood test as soon as possible.

      My wife took me straight to A & E at our local hospital, where I had a blood test. The results were that my potassium levels were low, but I wasn’t about to drop dead, fortunately! I was advised to have another blood/liver test in the next few days.

      If you are taking 100 mg of spironolactone per day, you’re obviously not allergic to it like me – but it is very worrying to think that the Trangender Care website (http://www.transgendercare.com/medical/resources/tmf_program/tmf_program_regimens.asp) says you can take up to 200 mg of it per day!

      I am going to post separately about this, because if others are allergic to Spironolactone, they could actually die if they take so high a dose of it, as there is no antidote to it, if you do have a severe allergic reaction.

  2. Spironolactone is not dangerous because your doctor will only start you on a low dosage and have regular blood work to check for potassium levels and also your liver .I take 200mg now but started at 50mg and no problems

    1. What you say pre-supposes that everyone takes spironolactone under the supervision of a doctor, and that they have regular blood tests. That is not necessarily the case. It was not the case for me, and it is unlikely to be the case in the U.K., where I don’t believe that spironolacatone is routinely prescribed as an anti-androgen. I took only 25mg of the poisonous stuff the day before and 25mg the next day, and I had a VERY serious allergic reaction, and had to be taken to A & E in our local hospital.

      The GP I saw before my visit to the hospital said that spironolactone can be pretty poisonous stuff, and it is not even that effective an anti-androgen. Finasteride is a much more potent anti-androgen, and it has none of the dangers of spironolactone.

      For some reason spironolactone seems to be an anti-androgen of choice in the U.S., whereas I think it is rarely prescribed or tried in Europe, except by trans women who are self-medicating based on an American femising drug regimen, such as the I have mentioned previously on the Anne Lawrence website. I made the mistake of trying to follow this. I would say a combination of 5 mg of finasteride per day combined with estrogen taken sub-lingually, 2mg in the morning and 2mg in the evening, for example in the form of Estrofem, is quite sufficient to achieve feminisation gradually. If you want to do it quicker, then you could combine this with Estrodot patches or Estrogel transdermal gel. You will certainly get sufficient breast development and redistribution of body fat to hips and arms, legs and face will become more feminine without ever having to go near spironolcatone.

  3. Yep. I’ve got it too. 9 months of Pueraria Mirifica at approx 3g per day.
    It even looks like it’s got a little clitoral hood! (Though it isn’t sensitive like that). This is the weirdest thing, but there is no literature on Google apart from this entry!

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