Other places to find Amber Goth and Kate Lesley on the Internet

Here is a fairly comprehensive list of the other places you can find me on the Internet as either Amber Goth or Kate Lesley:


http://twitter.com/#!/ambergoth  – Amber Goth on Twitter

http://twitter.com/#!/trannyfiction  – Kate Lesley on Twitter


http://www.facebook.com/ambergoth  – Kate Lesley (Amber Gothy) on Facebook

http://www.facebook.com/pages/FFG-Transgender-Fiction/148632725157529?ref=ts  Transgender Fiction Facebook Site

http://www.facebook.com/mobile/?settings#!/home.php?sk=group_157755277597309  Transgender Fiction Facebook Group


http://www.tgfiction.co.uk/   – FFG Transgender Fiction Download Website

http://www.tvfiction.com/  – FFG Transgender Fiction Printed Magazines Website

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ambergoth – Amber Goth on YouTube

WordPress Blog: https://ambergoth.wordpress.com/  – Amber Goth’s WordPress Blog
(where you are now).

2 responses to “Other places to find Amber Goth and Kate Lesley on the Internet”

  1. Hi Amber. If you ever want to share a story on my website feel free to contact me.
    take care,

    1. Hi Teresa,

      Tell me what of what you have in mind.

      x Amber

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