My Likes and Dislikes

I like…

I like Barak Obama (so far); David Davies (a courageous Tory who believes in standing up for our fundamental democratic freedoms unlike the despicable Blair gov’t); I like Agnostics; Atheists; Buddhists; Earth-Goddess Worshippers; Feminists; Goths; Jewish intellectuals; Lesbians & Gay men; Gregorian Chants; Optimists; Pacifists; Pagans; Poets; Secular Liberal Humanists (probably am one); Socialists; She-Males; Shamans; TV/CDs; T-Girls; Transsexuals; Wiccans; Wombats; Women by birth or choice; any folk who value and worship the Divine and Earthly Feminine in all its manifestations and psychological, social and gender characteristics; I like any cruiser motorbikes, esp. Yamaha Viragos and Harley-Davidsons; I like drinking (esp. scotch whisky & real ale); gothdom; free speech; talking about gender, transgender, life, religion, the universe and everything…

I don’t like…

Political correctness, religious fundamentalism, war-mongering neo-conservatives, God-bothering redneck creationists, Janet Street-PorterSandi Toksvig (who has ruined my enjoyment of BBC Radio 4’s ‘The News Quiz’); Calvinists, bigots of all types, including the Pope; and especially I don’t like self-righteous hypocrites and self-serving politicians and rich lawyers who line their own pockets and do favours for their cronies – for example Tony & Cherie Blair, two of the most loathsome individuals on the planet.


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